Life Coaching with JoJo


My Transformational Life Coaching business came about from my deep desire to work with people and help them rediscover that they are perfect, whole and complete just they way they are. I especially want to work with those who have ever thought that they needed to change anything external in their life in order to be really happy. For me, I used to believe that my life would finally be good when I was a certain size or the cellulite on my thighs would disappear.  Life was already pretty good, but I still yearned for this last piece to fall in place for my life to be "perfect". If you have ever wanted to lose weight or find the right job or meet your soul mate so you could be happy, I would love to work with you! I will share many tools to help uncover where you feel stuck or unsatisfied and help you expand your life so you feel prosperous and abundant in all areas. In discovering your core patterns and how to unravel old habits and modes of thinking, you will begin to experience how your life transforms in every aspect!



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